TriMix-gel® History

TriMix-gel® History

Prostatectomy Patients
It’s thought nocturnal erections provide essential blood flow to penile tissues. Post radical prostatectomy patients often experience a decline in nocturnal erections putting these tissues at risk of hypoxia (inadequate oxygen of the blood).

Penile Rehabilitation
My original contemplation during the creation of TriMix-gel® was to address penile rehabilitation for these post radical prostatectomy patients. During the formulation process, we sought to create tumescence whereby the patient might experience increased flow of fresh oxygenated blood which was otherwise absent or diminished as a result of the patient’s state.

Increased Tumescence
In addition to noting patients who achieved tumescence, we documented several cases where the patient attained an erection sufficient for penetration for sexual intercourse. That’s when our focus redirected from sub-therapeutic tumescence dosing toward therapeutic dosing for erectile dysfunction (ED).

Clinical Trials Presented to American Urological Association
We completed clinical trials and presented the results to the American Urological Association’s World Conference where TriMix-gel was peer reviewed by urologists from around the world. The abstract for those trials was published in The Journal of Urology. Supplement.

Urologists Prescribe TriMix-gel®
Since then, thousands of urologists and other concerned physicians have written prescriptions for TriMix-gel®. Print these PDF’s, show them to your doctor and ask for a prescription for TriMix-gel®. .


T.J. Harkins
Creator of TriMix-gel®

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